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      XQ4-40 small non-burning brick machine

      XQ4-40 small non-burning brick machine

      KxQ4-40 small non-burning brick machine with small size, light weight, easy operation, easy maintenance, flexible mold replacement, less investment and quick and many other advantages. You can also use the equipment to develop other cement products.


      First, kxQ4-40 small non-burning brick machine can be widely used: slag sand gravel aluminum red slag electrolytic copper slag gangue construction waste fly ash volcanic slag and other raw materials, rich in raw materials can be seen everywhere, invest and build factories, extremely convenient.

      Second, kXQ4-40 small non-burning brick machine In addition to the rack itself, the whole suspension and connecting parts are used springs, vibration molding not only to achieve pressure head, mold box, mold core and pallet vibration of the four-pronged approach to ensure The product of high density and uniformity, and smooth operation, low noise, to achieve a good damping effect.

      Third, kXQ4-40 small non-burning brick machine pressure head can move longitudinally, easy feeding, maintenance and flushing, at the same time the drop head distance is small, only 20mm, on the one hand the pressure foot and the box, the core gap is small, On the other hand less damage to the box core.

      Fourth, kxQ4-40 small non-burning brick machine die easy to change, by changing the mold can produce 240,140,115, standard bricks and other specifications of the blocks and cement products, can also be customized according to user requirements of all kinds of special-shaped mold .

      Fifth, kxQ4-40 small non-burning brick machine at the end of wooden pallets forming synchronization with the tank core, from the impact, so the life of wooden pallets more than double the same products.

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